Welcome to Vertical Call


Located in Santa Rosa CA, Vertical Call is a church community dedicated to worshipping God and encountering His presence every time we gather. Our door is open to all, and we invite you to come and be welcomed as family as we worship, learn, and grow in our relationship with God together.


encounter god, equip the church, LOVE the world



The focus for this month is EQUIP. As a community, we will be turning our attention to what it means to equip the church in our group gatherings, our private devotional times, and how to practically approach our daily lives with the good work of the gospel. What does it mean to you to EQUIP? Join us on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and at any of our home groups to discover more.


Find out more about what we believe, what we do, who we are, and what Vertical Call is all about.

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Want to come hang out with us? Learn more about schedule of service, our ministries, and where to find us.

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